The Jaybilizer 3000 and the Canon 7D and 5DMk2

Due to the weight and high center of gravity of the 5Dmk2 and the 7D, these cameras do not work well with the Jaybilizer 3000. I did offer a 5D modified version, but I am not happy with the design, as it is too heavy to use for extended shooting. I have discontinued the 5D modified version. I have a working prototype design which is lighter and easier to balance the Canon DSLRS.
I will have a new Jaybilizer HDSLR model available as soon as I get some parts from the machine shop and stickers from the printer. I also have to make a how to balance video and set up the e-commerce site.
Thanks for your patience and I am very excited about the new model.

2 thoughts on “The Jaybilizer 3000 and the Canon 7D and 5DMk2

  1. Chris

    Hi jay! Thanks so much for all the great posts. I just built my own hybrid system of your design with the wsclater gimbal. You mentioned posting w how to balance video for the 5d mk ii. Cn i have a link to this video or tutorial? Thanks!

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