Powdercoating and c mount lenses with the GH1

Lunched with a couple old friends and we are looking into doing some software video tutorials as a business, Then ran down to Blue Flame Power coating to pick up a bunch of Jaybilizer parts that I had powder coated. Yeah baby! powder coating sure beats paint.
Finally got my Canon 11-70mm f 1.8 c-mount tv zoom lens and mounted it to my Panasonic GH1 with a c-mount adapter and I was immediately disappointed to find that it only covered half of the sensor. After a little Google search, I found that the work around is to use the 2X digital zoom to get a full frame image. This actually kinda sucks because you are trading off resolution by the camera interpolating pixels, and you are doubling the crop factor, so that my 11mm now has a 22mm field of view. So in reality if I can shoot at f4 I’m ahead to use the kit 14-140mm lens for wide angle shots. The only upside is that the tv lens will be good for some shots where I want narrow DOF and soft vignetted edges. Note to self, check Google before buying on ebay.

2 thoughts on “Powdercoating and c mount lenses with the GH1

  1. Andrew

    Hey, does that 11-70mm lens focus properly on your c-mount? I’ve got a couple c-mount zooms (a 17-102 and a 14-70,) and they both have some issues — mainly, it seems, because I can’t get the rear element close enough to the sensor (been working on filing parts here and there to improve the situation.)

  2. shaf Post author

    The c mount zooms are troublesome to focus. I sold my Canon 11-70 because I have a 2/3rds inch lens that works without having to use the 2 X digital zoom.

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