5 thoughts on “My Camera rig with the JayBar3000 Prototype

  1. Burke

    How did you mount that Haier monitor on there? I just picked up an IndiRailsPro XV SM and I’d love to be able to get that little guy and mount ‘er up to my rig… for $60 you can’t beat that lol.

  2. shaf Post author

    I used a Small Giottos ball head to mount the monitor to the JayBar. I sell the mounting arm and tha JayBar at Jaybilizer.com

  3. jmmy

    I have a Canon Vixia HF-S200 would I be able to use the jaybar3000 with it, And I’m planning on getting the Jay35 adapter, will it fit my camcorder…?

    – thanks for helpin.

  4. shaf Post author

    I’m currently out of stock of the JayBar3000 till after the first of Janunary. I have slightly redesigned the JayBar with a square profile which allows more clearance for swing out LCD viewfinders and can also be mounted sideways on DSLRs to act as a side handle.
    To answer your question, both the JayBar and the Jag35 DOF adapter work with the HF-S200.

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