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Jabilizer 3000 Canon 5Dmk2 problem

I’ve run into a problem with the Canon 5D Mk2 and the Jaybilizer camera stabilizer.
I had two customers that are using the 5D and had sent me good reports, However, I have found that they had to add significant ( 1.5 lbs) counterweights over the washers that are shipped with the Jaybilizer.
I was able to do some hands on testing today and need to share the results.
First is that I discovered that we need to under sling the counterweights to lower the center of gravity and to provide mechanical advantage for the weights. Otherwise the weight of the camera and stabilizer becomes unmanageable.

Please look carefully at the attached photographs and notice that I had to reverse the bottom 3 1/2″ screw so that is pointed downwards. I then added 4 large (2 1/2″ Dia. (62mm)) washers in addition to the ten of the 1 1/2″ ( 37mm) washers for a total weight of 14 Oz. or 400 grams.
I then mounted the “kickstand” beneath the counterweights and affixed it using the wing nut.
For side to side counterweight, I loosened the gimbal handle screw and moved the aluminum rod as far to the left as possible and added 9 – 1 1/2″ washers to the plastic knob screw.
Note that you will have to purchase the 4 or 5 large 2 1/2″ washers in addition to the 25- 1 1/2″ washers that ship with the Jaybilizer.
This is a temporary work around to allow you to shoot with the 5D. I’m working on engineering a more elegant solution and will ship current 5D/Jaybilizer owners the upgrade your Jaybilizer at no charge as soon as it is available.
In the meantime I am not recommending using the Jaybizer 3000 with the Canon 5Dmk2.

Super Simple Second System Sound Syncing for HDSLRs

panasonic-lumix-gh1micIf you’re reading this article you probably are aware that shooting HD video with DSLRs is all the rage among digital filmmakers. There are far more reasons to shoot this way than not, but one of the problems with DSLRs are their sound recording capabilities. THe Canon 5D Mk2, the Canon 7D and the Panasonic GH1 have external microphone inputs but unfortunately these use auto gain control and have no manual control over input levels. Also these cameras don’t have headphone monitoring. Continue reading

Jaybilizer 3000 Camera Stabilizer Shooting Techniques and Montage

I finally shot and edited this video that goes over some of the shooting techniques for the Jaybilizer 3000 , my homemade “Steadicam Merlin-type” camera stabilizer. The techniques include orbiting shots, tracking shots, low angle tracking shots, flying Shots and crane shots. I shot most of the video with a Canon HV30 on the Jaybilizer 3000 with some additional hand-held footage shot by Rob Martin with a Sony EX1.
Credits: Credits: Thanks to Rob Martin for the excellent EX1 handheld shots
Special Thanks to StickerGiant for the cool Jaybilizer 3000 stickers
Special thanks to Jeru at Jag35 for the Jag35 DOF Adapter
Find out More about the Jaybilizer 3000

Jaybilizer 3000 Camera Stabilizer Shooting Techniques and Montage from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.

Cheap DIY LCD Mirror Flip Shade hack for DOF adaptor

I demonstrate a DIY mirror LCD shade for the Canon HV30 to “flip” the image so that it appears upright when using a Jag35 DOF adapter. It should be noted that the mage is only corrected as far as being upright, the image is still “flipped” left to right. This can make panning difficult, but for static shots I find it an acceptable solution.

How To Build a DIY Steadycam Camera Stabilizer Under $50

How To Build a DIY Steadycam Camera Stabilizer Under $50 from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.
How to build the JayCam MkII Merlin-type camera stabilizer. Jay Shaffer demonstrates how to use inexpensive parts to build an versatile stabilizer for camcorders like the Canon HV30.