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The Jaybilizer 3000 and the Canon 7D and 5DMk2

Due to the weight and high center of gravity of the 5Dmk2 and the 7D, these cameras do not work well with the Jaybilizer 3000. I did offer a 5D modified version, but I am not happy with the design, as it is too heavy to use for extended shooting. I have discontinued the 5D modified version. I have a working prototype design which is lighter and easier to balance the Canon DSLRS.
I will have a new Jaybilizer HDSLR model available as soon as I get some parts from the machine shop and stickers from the printer. I also have to make a how to balance video and set up the e-commerce site.
Thanks for your patience and I am very excited about the new model.

Jaybilizer 3000 5D model with the GH1 and Zoom H4n audio recorder test

This is a weight test of the the Jaybilizer 3000 5D model with the GH1 with the kit lens, a shotgun mic and Zoom H4n audio recorder mounted on the camera. . The camera rig weighs 3 Lbs 10 Oz. This is about the maximum weight that this camera stabilizer will handle. This was shot at 720p 60fps with several shots at half speed with no frame blending in Final Cut Pro.

Jabilizer 3000 Canon 5Dmk2 problem

I’ve run into a problem with the Canon 5D Mk2 and the Jaybilizer camera stabilizer.
I had two customers that are using the 5D and had sent me good reports, However, I have found that they had to add significant ( 1.5 lbs) counterweights over the washers that are shipped with the Jaybilizer.
I was able to do some hands on testing today and need to share the results.
First is that I discovered that we need to under sling the counterweights to lower the center of gravity and to provide mechanical advantage for the weights. Otherwise the weight of the camera and stabilizer becomes unmanageable.

Please look carefully at the attached photographs and notice that I had to reverse the bottom 3 1/2″ screw so that is pointed downwards. I then added 4 large (2 1/2″ Dia. (62mm)) washers in addition to the ten of the 1 1/2″ ( 37mm) washers for a total weight of 14 Oz. or 400 grams.
I then mounted the “kickstand” beneath the counterweights and affixed it using the wing nut.
For side to side counterweight, I loosened the gimbal handle screw and moved the aluminum rod as far to the left as possible and added 9 – 1 1/2″ washers to the plastic knob screw.
Note that you will have to purchase the 4 or 5 large 2 1/2″ washers in addition to the 25- 1 1/2″ washers that ship with the Jaybilizer.
This is a temporary work around to allow you to shoot with the 5D. I’m working on engineering a more elegant solution and will ship current 5D/Jaybilizer owners the upgrade your Jaybilizer at no charge as soon as it is available.
In the meantime I am not recommending using the Jaybizer 3000 with the Canon 5Dmk2.

Mea Culpa, GH1 Sound test

Mea Cupla is a short film exercise for my sound design class at Front Range Community College. The dialog and action were totally improvised and the video was shot in a half hour (still enough to irritate some other teachers :-)) We were testing recording second system sound using a Marantz PMD661 digital recorder and a EV RE-15 microphone on a boom. I was also testing shooting with the Panasonic GH1 camera at 720p at 60fps, the project was edited in Final Cut Pro 6 with a 29.97fps timeline. I used 50% speed with no frame blending for the slow motion shots. And finally I want to demonstrated some running tracking shots with the Jaybilizer3000 DIY camera stabilizer. The entire video was shot with a Panasonic GH1 camera using available light at ISO 1600 on my Jaybilizer3000 DIY camera stabilizer

A Jay Shaffer Film
MGD-163 Sound Design Class:
Tim Brazzell
Matthew Cooper
Daniel Davenport
Susan Glarion
Brett Hughes
Roldan Melcon
Andrew Parkins
Nicholas Ramirez
Gavin Townsend

Panasonic GH1 Jaybilizer3000 torture test

Panasonic GH1 Jaybilizer3000 torture test from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.

Testing the GH1 on my DIY Merlin-type camera stabilizer (the Jaybilizer3000 )
This is kinda a worse case scenario, I was testing for rolling shutter with rapid side to side movement and to see how 24fps looked when moving quickly on a stabilizer also I wanted to see how smooth the camera was on the stabilizer. Obviously for real production footage I would have slowed down my motion to smooth out the 24p.

Samsung HZ10W WB500 Test

These are the first test shots using the HZ10W. Shooting in the 720P mode at 30FPS. This is somewhat of a contrast torture test, shooting from shade to extreme sunlight, and the Camera did pretty much as expected the highlights are blown out and this camera seems to be exceptionally noisy in the shadows. That said, I still like the image better than the Lumix TZ5, the JPEG artifacting and the CCD Flaring was unacceptable on the TZ5 and is why I traded to the HZ10. Another reason is the wider angle lens on the HZ10.
I’ll get some better video posted as soon as I get more familiar with the camera.

Samsung HZ10W WB500 Test from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.

Bokeh Flowers

This is my first test movie using the Jag35e DOF adapter on a HV30 with a Canon FD 50mm F1.8 at F1.8. It was Shot in 24FPS 1080 in Cine exposure mode. I had a real tough time with the vignetting and the HV30 would not focus the DOF adapter other than very slightly zoomed in. also it was difficult to pull sharp focus in the inverted viewfinder. The footage was digitized using FCP’s HDV to Prorez import setting, and then converted to 24P in Compressor. The clip[s were then pan and scanned to 150% to mitigate the vignetting and graded in Final Cut. It was output to Quicktime at 24 Fps using the H264 codec at 1440X1080 at 1394 Kbs.

Bokeh Flowers from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.