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“Bridges” Documentary

Bridges PosterOver Spring 2015, I had the privilege to work as a producer on the full-lengthdocumentary titled “Bridges.”  The subject of this documentary is returning veterans and the difficulties they face transitioning to civilian life. “Returning from war should be a joyous occasion, but for those with PTSD, coming home is difficult,” says Brandon Berman, digital media faculty and executive producer and director of the documentary. “PTSD is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event, such as the aftermath of war. ‘Bridges’ takes you into the lives of some returning veterans and gives you an inside look at some of the personal obstacles each has faced. The documentary also focuses on solutions as it explores ways that veterans and their loved ones can identify these obstacles.” –  You can check out the Web page here: or our Facebook  page here:

A Tale of Two Lenses

Canon TV C-16 21.6mm-129mm F2.7 Zoom

Canon TV C-16 21.6mm-129mm F2.7 Zoom

Since my Panasonic GH series cameras can be adapted to use just about any lens, I am always keeping an eye out at thrift stores for vintage 35mm still camera and16mm motion picture and TV lenses. Usually when you find a lens in a thrift store it is usually either overpriced, not very special, or is in poor condition. I was very pleasantly surprised when my wife found not one, but two interesting lenses in the same week at the same thrift store. Continue reading

Introducing The Rail Runner Camera Dolly System

Rail Runner with DSLR

The Rail Runner system with ball head and DSLR

Many filmmakers and videographers are looking for an affordable and portable camera dolly system to add smooth tracking shots to their productions. The Rail Runner camera dolly system is a versatile, and portable camera dolly system that delivers the benefits of a skate dolly combined with the smoothness and versatility of a rail dolly.  With its exclusive “rail hugger” wheel system, the dolly can be used on any flat surface for orbiting, low angle, and tabletop product shots; or the dolly can be mounted on rails or ride on wood planks for ultra-smooth long tracking shots. Continue reading

It’s Not a DSLR, It’s Not a Camcorder, It’s Black Magic!

Black Magic Cinema Camera

I’ve been shooting with the Black Magic Cinema Camera for the last month and what follows are my first impressions. In part one of this series on the Black Magic Cinema Camera, I will explain why this camera is different than DSLRs or even pro camcorders

Everybody knows that the Black Magic Cinema Camera was a revolutionary product when it was unveiled at the 2012 NAB show. Why then do they try to compare it to any other camera, and especially the Canon 5DMK2 DSLR? Continue reading

“An Evenly Matched Game” to Premier at the Emerging Filmmakers Project

We are finally having the public premier of my latest film titled An Evenly Matched Game. The  ten minute short sci-fi action film will be shown with some other short films at the Emerging Filmmakers Project. The Emerging Filmmakers Project has been showcasing the best of Denver’s new and established independent filmmakers the third Thursday of every month since 2002, Screenings are held at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo St., Denver 80232 – The Emerging Filmmakers Project is a great place to meet and network with area filmmakers, actors, writers and many of the talented folks who work behind the camera.

The festivities start at 8PM, Thursday November 15, 2012. $5 admission and free beer till the keg runs out.